City of Póvoa de Santa Iria

Póvoa de Santa Iria is a city and former Portuguese parish in the municipality of Vila Franca de Xira, with an area of 9.16 km² and 40 404 inhabitants. Its population density was 4 410.9 inhabitants / km². It was separated from the neighboring parish of Santa Iria de Azóia, in the municipality of Loures, on April 13, 1916, having remained integrated in that municipality until November 8, 1926, when it moved to the municipality of Vila Franca, by government decree. of the military dictatorship. It was joined to the parish of Forte da Casa, forming the Union of Parishes of Póvoa de Santa Iria and Forte da Casa with headquarters in Póvoa de Santa Iria.

An outbreak of industrial development associated with strong population growth contributed to its elevation to the village on September 24, 1985, which was followed, a few years later, by the granting of city status, on June 24, 1999. Its purpose is to oragos Santa Iria and Nossa Senhora de Fátima. The city’s great festivals take place on the first weekend of September and are in honor of Nossa Senhora da Piedade.

History Archives:

1461 – King D. Afonso V makes a donation to D. Gonçalo Vaz de Castelo Branco, from the salt marshes of Póvoa to Verdelha.1476 – D. Gonçalo distinguishes himself in the battle of Toro, in which he commanded 180 men on horseback , all armed and equipped by him. As a reward, he was appointed grantee of Vila Nova de Portimão.1521 – D. Martinho Vaz de Castelo Branco, 1st Count of Vila Nova de Portimão, commands the nuptial fleet that led Dª. Beatriz, Princess of Portugal, Savoy.1578 – D. Martinho de Castelo Branco Valente, 9 ° Senhor da Póvoa and his brother, Diogo de Castelo Branco, die in Alcácer Quibir, fighting valiantly with King D. Sebastião. 1647 – Domingos Leite Pereira and Roque da Cunha, detained in Póvoa de Santa Iria, who, on the pay of the King of Spain, intended to assassinate King D. João IV.1807 – D. Pedro de Lencastre, 16th Lord of Morgado da Póvoa, he was appointed President and member of the Kingdom Regency, during the absence of King D. João VI.1859 – First chemical fertilizer factory installed in Póvoa.1912 – Alberto Sanches de Castro, performs in Mouchão da Póvoa, the first flight in an airplane with engine, carried out in Portugal.1916 – The parish of Póvoa de Santa Iria was created. 1934 – The “Solvay” founds the “Soda Póvoa” in Póvoa de Santa Iria, creating over 1,200 jobs.1956 – Dedication of the Church of Nossa Senhora de Fátima.1976 – First free and democratic municipal elections. Elected: Vítor Hugo Bernardino; Amândio Gonçalves Amaro; Joaquim António Baião; Manuel Fiúza Costa; Casimiro Rei; António da Silva Godinho; António Diamantino Nabais; Alfredo Lopes Duarte and Guilherme Pereira Gomes.1985 – The village is elevated to the category of Vila.

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