Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is one of Europe’s most alluring cities. Set on the banks of the River Tagus, this vibrant Atlantic port is scattered over a series of hills that heighten its splendid waterfront location. Exploring the city’s historic core is a journey into its fascinating past – a heritage exemplified by celebrated …

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City of Abrantes

Abrantes is one of the largest municipalities in the country. Located on the border of the provinces of Ribatejo, Alto Alentejo and Beira Baixa, on a slope about 800 meters above sea level, it has always been a good natural defensive stronghold. From the top of its castle, a visual horizon of almost eighty kilometers …

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City of Fatima

At the ecclesiastical level, the city of Fátima is simultaneously the seat of the diocese with the city of Leiria. The name of the then-renamed Diocese of Leiria-Fátima was assigned by Pope John Paul II on May 13, 1984. The only existing parish in the city has as its patron Our Lady of Prazeres. The …

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