City of Almeirim

History and small description of this beautiful city

According to some historians, the name of the city comes from an Arab name, Al-Meirim. Fragments of pottery from the 19th century have recently been discovered. I.

The village of Almeirim was founded in 1411 by D. João I. The court, attracted by the presence of the king, built good houses and farms around the palace. There is nothing left of this palace, the last ruins being criminally razed in 1890 after its contents were plundered in the defeat of absolutism.

 It was considered the «Sintra de Inverno», for the court.

 D. Duarte, in 1430, had a gigantic tower built. But D. João I, seeing that it was not perfectly straight, ordered it to be demolished.

 D. Manuel I spent a great deal of time there between 1510 and 1516, followed in this example by D. João III, who ordered the construction of the church and the hospital of Nª. Mr. da Conceição, S. Roque and S. Sebastião, in 1527.

 In Almeirim village, cuts were made on 3.30.1544, where he was sworn to crown prince D. João, son of D. João III and father of D. Sebastião, and on 11.1.1580 to resolve the succession of Cardinal D. Henrique. There, D. Isabel’s weddings with Emperor Carlos V and his son Filipe II with Infanta D. Maria were celebrated. There Cardinal D. Henrique died on Jan. 31, 1980.

 The municipal holiday is on May 1st.

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