About Us

Living in Portugal for over 5 Years, give us a different perspective about the Country, opposed to those born here, or to the average tourist.  Nevertheless, We truly love this country and we are sure that will love it too, being for just a visit, temporary move or planning to retire here.

Living all over the world, as immigrants, travelers and tourists, we are able to see Portugal on a different light, from the beauty of the landscaping, to the richness of its culture, traditions, history and the most important the warmth of his people.  As well, the excellent food and wines.

Meet our website editor

Jorge Santos

Traveler, web designer, Programmer.
  • webdesigner and developer
  • website / app design.
  • ui/ux

I follow your project from the beginning to the end, until your total satisfaction with the final product is achieved.

Knowing design principles is great, but sometimes it’s not enough, you also have to train your eye to see good design and bad design and to identify strengths and weaknesses in designs.

Meet our co-author

Ton Haak

Writer, World traveler, Blogger

Background: journalism – editing – public relations – marketing – graphic design – art.

Worked in the Netherlands until 1994, moved to the US in 1994 and resettled in Tomar, Portugal in 2016. Writes essays in English and Dutch about life in contemporary Portugal. Translator (Dutch-English and v.v.).

Settled in Abiquiu, New Mexico in 1997. Wrote: travelogue and essays in Dutch and English; two books of poetry in English; two novels (one in Dutch, one in English); and several screenplays in English. Also co-managed a contemporary art gallery. Co-creator of and contributor to art project Desert Passage.

Resettled in Matfield Green, Kansas in 2009. Wrote: essays in English; copy in Dutch and English. Translated: Dutch-English and English-Dutch on art-related subjects. Also was co-manager and/or curator of three contemporary art galleries; co-founder of Matfield Station PrairyArt Path; co-initiator of Point of Departure, an augmented reality art tour; and art editor of four consecutive Field Journals published by the Symphony in the Flint Hills.

Resettled in Tomar, Portugal in 2016. Writes essays in English and Dutch about life in contemporary Portugal. Art editor of 2017 Field Journal. Translator (Dutch-English and v.v.).

Extensive readings of: American national and regional history; world history (more specifically 1918-1940); international relations; architecture, contemporary art and design.